Who are you, and why are you feeding me?

Hello, Internet -- my name is Monica. I am a woman of gastronomic inclinations, and this is my online culinary presence. Welcome to the record of my obsession.

This blog exists because, sometimes, I get full. During the pause between meals, I document recipes, chronicle adventures, and digest the politics, science, and culture that connect all matters alimentary.

If you like to eat, I will not feed you astray. If you pang for food ethics or scientific explanation, I will not leave you hungry. And last, I solemnly swear to utilize food puns...tastefully.

So what's my deal? I'm a professional nerd (science teacher) who geeks out with both brain and belly. I spend lessons folding Baked Alaska into physics, lunch hour reading Cook's Illustrated, and weekends visiting local food producers, aiding farmer's market cooking demonstrations, leading tours on an educational farm, and puttering about my shared kitchen. I love a new challenge, like catching yeast, home-roasting coffee, eating vegan for a month, fermenting sauerkraut, or preparing exotic meats. I have pet political issues: climate change and sustainable agriculture; fair and humane production methods; edible education; social justice in food systems; healthy and pleasure-oriented food culture; connection to and participation in food production. Mostly, though, I have a voracious appetite.

Enjoy this sampling of culinary journeys. You are in for a treat.


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